Why India Winning UN Security Council Was Not Surprising?

In a recent election, India was elected as a non-permanent member of the Security Council where they will serve as the President for the 15 UN body in the month of August 2021. India was able to win 184 votes from the 192 countries that voted.

Read More to find out why this astonishing victory was not so surprising along with looking at some of the history of India serving in the United Nations.

What is The United Nations Security Council?

The United Nations Security Council is one of the 6 major divisions of the United Nations. The main task of the Security Council is to ensure peace and security around the world.

Also, some of their other tasks include adding new members to the UN and make changes to its charter where they are responsible for making peace efforts between the countries of the world. Wherever military action is required in any part of the world, the Security Council jumps in to bring a peaceful resolution before the situation gets worse. 

What Happened in The UN Election?

Last Wednesday, the United Nations General Assembly, which has a total of 192 members, held the election for president, temporary, non-permanent and economic members of the Security Council for 2021-22. Accordingly, India, Ireland, Mexico and Norway were elected in the 5-nation UN Security Council election.

Looking back at the past, India was made a permanent member of the Security Council in the last 1950 – 1951, 1967 – 1968, 1972 – 1973, 1977 – 1978, 1984 – 1985, 1991 – 1992, and 2011 – 2012. Although India hasn’t been on the council for the past 8 years, it is definitely worth noting that it is currently selected as the 8th time.

Immediately after the election results, T. S. Tirumurti (current Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations) shared his thoughts about this victory.

“India will become a member of the Security Council at a critical juncture and we are confident that in the COVID, and the post-COVID world, India will continue to provide leadership and a new orientation for a reformed multilateral system.” – T. S. Tirumurti

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What The Process For These General Elections?

The UN General Assembly is an annual election that is held in the United Nations Building where one of the elections is for the 5 temporary seats. Accordingly, the General Assembly selects five of the 10 temporary members for a two-year term.

On a regional basis, 5 destinations for Africa and Asia, 1 for Eastern European countries, 2 for Latin America and the Caribbean, and 2 for Western Europe and other states. 2/3 of the House are elected with the support of a majority of member states.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year, there was some special seating restrictions in the UN General Assembly in order to practice social distancing.

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