A 500-Year-Old Temple Suddenly Found In Odisha

India is an ancient country that has so much history to it. Whether it’s food, clothing or traditions, India stands out from many other countries due to its unique culture. Speaking of ancient history, a very old temple has resurfaced in the state of Odisha. Continue Reading to learn about the origins of this piece of history and the God that it belonged to.

What’s The History Behind This Temple?

This ancient temple is believed to be about 60 feet in height where research says that it was built during the 15th or the 16th century. This temple was found in Mahanadi, a river that flows through the eastern states of Chandigarh and Odisha.

“The 60-ft tall submerged temple dates back to late 15th or early 16th century, considering the construction style of the Mastaka and the materials used for the construction. It is made of sandstone and among the oldest temples that have been submerged in Mahanadi.” – Anil Dhir

Stated On Hindustan Times

Evidence states that there are about 65 temples submerged in this river where this temple is not only the tallest, but also the oldest one out of all. By looking at the style of the construction, the temple has a mastaka style with full of sandstones. When it was built, the temple was in the hands of Lord Gopinath.

Sometime during the 19th century, a huge flood changed the flow of water in the Mahanadi river which eventually sunk these temples.

Before these villages submerged, the entire area of temples used to be referred as “Satapatana.” However, once the flood came to these areas, the officials in these temples made sure to protect the deities by shifting it to a city named Padmabati.

Who Found These Temples?

In the last 1.5 years, the Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has been trying to locate and document heritage sites in the Mahanadi Valley region of Odisha. The foundation was able to find these lost temples after several attempts during this past year.

The foundation has stated that they will be releasing a huge report on the findings of this temple and the history that they are able to dig behind it. This report will also cover many aspects of the submerged village and the possibilities of what they might find down there.

What’s The Future Of This Project?

As of now, works for restoration of this oldest temple is currently in progress. Anil Dhir, project coordinator of INTACH, has stated that they will be asking the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for support so that they would be able to properly relocate and restore the temple for study purposes.

When the ASI heard about the discovery, they come to the site and stated that they were able to see the top of the temple (look at the cover photo of the blog post). In order to safeguard the temple, both INTACH and ASI are requesting the local people to not come near the river by any chance of trying to see the temple.

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