Coronavirus: Why Are No Rescue Planes Flying to Tamil Nadu?

If you read our previous blog on Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About Vande Bharat Mission? where we spoke about a mission that the Indian government is carrying out in order to safely bring back stranded Indians from foreign countries. The government named it the Vande Bharat Mission which was at the end of Phase 1 during our last blog. When the special flights were announced for Phase 2, continue reading about how this announcement shocked the Tamil Nadu Government and its people.

Each of the special flights were designed to take people only to a designated Indian state where they were only boarding people who either belonged or wanted to go that specific state. However, news broke out that not one of the 149 special aircrafts in Phase 2 included the state of Tamil Nadu. This news shocked the Tamil people who were eager to return to India as they will be trapped in various countries around the world.

The special aircrafts in the Vande Bharat Mission is operated by the Central Government and this decision has been made by them. During Phase 1, Indians from a handful number of countries were brought back by a procedure that we discussed last time. Now, the Indian Government is now expanding where they will bring back Indians from 31 countries, including the United Arab Emirates.  

The Government has planned to bring back about 30,000 people to India and Tamil Nadu has been completely ignored in this next phase. There are more than 2,800,000 Indians in the UAE where more than 300,000 Tamils live in that country. In the present context, many of these Tamil people have registered on the websites for a special travel pass and the Government of Tamil Nadu also wants these people home during this phase. In the first phase, two flights from Dubai were flown to the Chennai airport carrying more than 360 passengers. But in Phase 2, there was not even a single special aircraft.

A large number of Tamils ​​in foreign countries are pregnant, sick or have lost their jobs where they are waiting to return to Tamil Nadu in pain. However, the Central Government’s boycott of special flights to Tamil Nadu has shocked them. The Central Government has planned to operate 6 flights to the neighboring state of Kerala. The Tamil people might try to get on these flights and attempt to arrive in Tamil Nadu in some other vehicle.

Tamil organizations in Dubai have appealed to the Indian embassy on the discrimination of the central government. Tamil people in various countries including Dubai are very sad that not even a plane in this 2nd stage was not operated to Tamil Nadu. State Governments and other organizations should work with the Central Government and take immediate action in order to operate flights to Tamil Nadu.

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