Coronavirus: What Are The Travel Fees For These New Trains?

A national curfew in India was implemented on March 24th to curb the spread of coronavirus attacks. The curfew which was extended multiple times, has now been extended to May 18th. As a result of these continuous extensions, migrant workers and students in various states are being stranded due to traffic jams. In response, the central government began a special trains movement in order to bring those people back home. Moreover, the respective states must provide adequate security to ensure that only passengers with a valid ticket approved by the state government will be allowed to enter the station.

These special trains used to transport these stranded workers only operate to a specific location over a distance of about 500 km. These trains are not allowed to stop at any normal train station other than the final destination that they were instructed to stop at. It can only accommodate about 1200 passengers which is less than about 90% of the passengers who are allowed to travel on these special trains.

The state government will issue train tickets (a travel pass) to specific destinations issued by the state government. State officials must issue those tickets to passengers and pay the total amount of tickets to the railway. The state government should provide food and water bottles to those stranded passengers at the train departure station. Food will be served once a day on behalf of the railway in a journey of more than 12 hours.

For those people who travel in those trains, it is mandatory for all of them to wear a mask for safety precautions from the coronavirus. The state governments must arrange for the inspection of the passenger at the station that they land. Subsequently, special trains are being operated from different states in India in order to transport people from all over the country.

In this case, the Tamil Nadu government has issued a report on the return of workers to their home state. In that statement, the transportation fee can be paid by the workers’ own state or individual. Workers should follow these regulation specifications issued by the Railway Ministry. Those who come from Tamil Nadu will be allowed to travel only after they test negative for the virus

If people are confirmed positive for the coronavirus after their test, those people will be admitted to a nearby hospital for further treatment. However, for those people who are tested negative for the coronavirus test, then they will be isolated for 14 days before they test again for confirmation. If there are too many workers, then they will run a separate train.

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