Coronavirus: How Did Tamil Doctors Pay Their Respects?

As for the statistics in India, the total number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus have reached 21,370. As for the death count, 681 people have died in India. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the numbers have reached the 1,500 mark with an exact number of 1,596 confirmed cases in the state where 18 people have died.

Government doctors and employees were wearing a black badge to pay tribute to the victims of those who died a result of the coronavirus. A 56-year-old doctor from the city of Chennai who was infected with coronavirus died at a private hospital in Varanasi on Tuesday. The doctor’s body was subsequently taken to the DB Charitram area for burial. However, some protested against letting his body to be buried

This protest against the burial led to a stage where someone from the crowd smashed the windshield of an ambulance where a corporation employee was injured. This incident caused a stir across the country which made various political parties, including the DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam), the Congress and the LSSP, to strongly condemn the burial.

In the meantime, all government doctors and medical staff were wearing a black badge yesterday morning to pay their part of the tribute to the deceased doctor, while urging the government to treat the bodies of doctors, nurses and medical workers who died as a result of the coronavirus infection. In particular, doctors, nurses and medical staff at Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital, Royapettah Hospital, Stanley Hospital, and Keezhpakkam Hospital in Chennai wore this black badge. Along with the medical staff, people working at the corona wards also wore a black badge to pay their respects.

After the black badge incident, doctors, medical staff and civil servants carried candles with their families to pay their respects to doctors who survived the coronavirus at 9 pm last night, said Dr. Ramalingam, president of the All Government Doctors’ Association. Doctors and medical personnel who have died of coronavirus should be treated with respect by the government. Doctors and medical staff are asking for one crore rupees to be paid to their family as compensation to damages occurred during this pandemic.

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