Coronavirus: TN Promises Quarter Year Pay to Exposed Workers

Thirumavalavan, leader and founder of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), has appealed to the Tamil Nadu Government to provide three months’ salary as an incentive to those workers who are dedicating their time to cleaning public places and working with isolating the general public in order to keep the virus away. 

He said in a statement a few days ago:

“A total of 64,583 clean workers are working in 15 municipalities, 121 municipalities, 528 municipalities and 12,525 village councils in Tamil Nadu.” — Thirumavalavan

In addition, thousands of employees are working in various departments of the government. Apart from those working directly in the local industry, there are also contract workers who are hired by private companies on contract basis.

At present, these workers are risking their lives to protect people from the coronavirus damage. Thirumavalavan stated that these people should be provided with adequate protective equipment including face masks and gloves along with a three months’ salary as an incentive.

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